FOB Rapid Test Kits

Fob-Rapid-TestFaecal Occult Blood Test Strips & Cassettes

FOB Rapid Test kits, also called one-step FOB test kits, are a fast and visual immunochromatographic testing devices for the qualitative detection of blood hemoglobin (Fecal Occult Blood, i.e. FOB) in human fecal specimens. Faecal occult blood tests are intended as an aid in the diagnosis of lower gastrointestinal (g.i.) disorders, such as colorectal cancers and adenomas. In this regard, this testing kits are also called FOB cancer rapid test. We would like to offer quality FOB rapid testing devices at competitive prices.

Faecal occult blood refers to the samll amount blood in the faeces (called stool in slang), which is not visually detectable. There are several human body disorders which may cause bleeding into the intestines. Ulcers, colitis, polyps, and bowel cancer are the most common ones. In the early stages, cancers in digestive system often cause slight bleeding into the gut, which are often neglected because there are no symptoms at these stages. But with our FOB tumor marker test kit, the occult blood can be detected at as low concentration as 40 ng/ml. Since the earlier the diseases like bowel cancer are diagnosed, the better the chance of a cure, an early detection of the FOB in faeces is very important to the treatment of many digestive system disorders. Because usually a cost of a rapid FOB testing kit is almost neglectable, it is highly advisable that the people vulnerable to the related diseases have a screening test regularly.

Fecal Occult Blood rapid Testing Cassettes    

* FOB tests are highly sensitive and specific;
* Rapid FOB Tests take less than 5 minutes to be sure;
* One-step FOB tests are easy to operate and need no other reagent;
* FOB biomarker test results can be read visually without any instrument;
* FOB medical test can help treatments by detecting cancer at early stage;
* FOB immunoassay tests are available in both strip and cassette styles.

Sensitivity: 40 ng/ml
Read within 5 minutes.