About us

JP BioGEN DIAGNOSTICS LTD is in the Rapid Diagnostic Testing field. We manufacture products that are useful in the testing of cancer, birth defects, heart attacks, infectious and sexually transmitted diseases. Our diagnostics kits include qualitative assays

JP BioGEN DIAGNOSTICS LTD   Armed with better technology, a wider range of products and unique tests, will be able to offer customers many things that its competitors cannot. This will allow  JP BioGEN DIAGNOSTICS LTD to capture a large market share in a short period of time.

JP BioGEN DIAGNOSTICS LTD wishes to achieve a strong market position and proposes to do so by the following:
Exceptional Quality

  • manufacture the highest quality tests available
  • meeting and exceeding our customers expectations
  • continuing to expand our product offering
  • building strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and the medical community