Drug Screening Tests

Our Drug Screen® rapid tests for the detection of drugs and their metabolites have up to 99% according to the reference method gas chromatograhy / mass spectrometry.
You can choose to test using a urine sample, saliva or solids tests for detection of drugs and their metabolites.

Our drug solids tests can be used in the field or for laboratory testing of unknown substances. The tests are reliable, simple to use and provide results within minutes on site.

The tests can be used for the identification of unknown solids such as powders, tablets, liquids, resins, etc. We also provides rapid kits for surface testing, including cocaine wipes and sprays. The tests are ideal for customs, police forces and airports among many others.
The solid tests are based on a wet chemical reaction, using the Marquis reagent. The solid tests are easy to use, when the reagent comes into contact with the suspected substance, the reagent granules contained within the test will change colour. In this way, the substance can be identified.

The Drug-Screen Saliva test is an extremely precise and reliable screening test. Saliva testing is an alternative to urine testing. Saliva testing can be more donor friendly, less invasive and no facilities are required to carry out the test procedure. There is also the added benefit of near impossible adulteration to the sample.
Drug-Screen Saliva Tests are highly accurate and reliable. The tests are based on the latest immunological detection technology. The Drug-Screen Saliva Tests are trusted by police forces, customs, doctors and specialised clinics across the EU.