Influenza A/B Test

influ testInfluenza A/B Test is a rapid qualitative assay that detects influenza type A (including the subtype H1N1 Swine flu) and B nucleoprotein antigens extracted from the nasal swab specimen. These devices are used to aid in the differential diagnosis of influenza type A and B infection.

Influenza is a highly contagious, acute, viral infection of the respiratory tract. The causative agents of the disease are immunologically diverse, single-strand RNA viruses known as influenza viruses.
There are three types of influenza viruses: A, B, and C. Type A viruses are the most prevalent and are associated with most serious epidemics. Type B viruses produce a disease that is generally milder than that caused by type A. Type C viruses have never been associated with a large epidemic of human disease. Both type A and B viruses can circulate simultaneously, but usually one type is dominant during a given season.
Influenza antigens may be detected in clinical specimens by immunoassay. The One Step Influenza A&B test is a lateral-flow immunoassay using highly sensitive monoclonal antibodies
that are specific for influenza antigens. The test is specific to influenza types A and B antigens
with no known cross-reactivity to normal flora or other known respiratory pathogens.

The Influenza A/B test involves the extraction of influenza A and B viral antigens. The patient specimen is placed in the Extraction Reagent Tube, during which time the virus particles in thespecimen are disrupted, exposing internal viral nucleoproteins. After extraction, add three to four drops of the Extraction Reagent to the sample ports, the specimen is absorbed into the devices by capillary action, mixes with antibody-dye conjugate, and flows across the pre-coated membranes, in which influenza type A and B monoclonal antibodies are coated respectively.
If the extracted specimen contains influenza A or B antigens, a pink-to-red Test Line along with a procedural Control Line will appear on the Test Strip indicating a positive result. The Test Line for influenza A or B will develop at specified locations on the Two different Test Strips respectively. If influenza A or B antigens are not present, or are present at very low levels, only the procedural Control Line will appear.


  1. Cassette
  2. Sample buffer
  3. Sterile swabs
  4. Disposable Droppers
  5. Pipete