DNA Family Paternity Test


Father-child (2 Participants)

3 Person Standard Test 16 DNA STAs (father+child+mother or father+child)

3 Person Premium Test 23 DNA STAs (father+child+mother or father+child)
Our Test Set includes everything you need to take a DNA test sample. The process is documented in detail, including pictures.


We simply need a sample of saliva wiped from the inside of the mouth. This sample is taken using a soft cotton swab

Taking a test sample only takes a few minutes. As soon as the order and payment have been confirmed, it only takes a few days for the analysis to be completed and to provide the certified test results.


We guarantee that the paternity test is at least 99.99% accurate, even when only the father and child – but not the mother – provide the DNA samples. In actual fact, the accuracy of the result is usually much higher, far above 99.9999%. Should we not be able to achieve this guaranteed accuracy at the first attempt, we shall provide additional testing at no extra charge.